New big rummy rummikub game white modern piece children's travel strategy family game board game in handmade beech wooden box

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rummy rummikub board game family game strategy game travel game

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I am selling a very nice,new, astonishingly big , handmade, wooden rummy game. It has all components, it is great quality and it is a lovely game. They are so many ways to play with, that you cannot possibly get bored of rummy! The box is made from wood. The supports are made from wood. The plates are from plywood. The pieces are from plastic ,and they are in white colour . The numbers on the rummy pieces are handpainted. It is a great game for up to 4 persons. It makes a fun - time for the whole family, or a great gift! It has 4 playing boards and 4 board holders, and 104 pieces (from 1 to 13, in 4 colours, 2 from every number in one colour ) plus 2 jolly. Totally 106 pieces to play rummy. The box size is 35cmx11.5cmx6cm (13.75x4.52x2.36 in). It is bigger and also heavier than the usual rummy games. The piece size 2.6 cm x 3.7 cm (1.02 x1.45 in). This item is handmade, so please accept minor deviations!

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