Handmade chess set beech wood chessboard box hazel wood chess piece backgammon checkers gift board game educational toy

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I present you a very affordable, brand new, great chess set, which is completely handmade, handcarved, handcrafted. The price includes the chessbox, and 32pieces,30 backgammon piece,which fit in the box. The chess piece are from hazel wood. They all have 2,6 cm diameter at the base. The pawn is 4,6 cm tall and the king is 7,2 cm tall. The chesspieces are not weighted!!! The board is 38x38 cm. The pieces are from hazel, and the board part of the chessbox is from beech wood. They are both great trees for a nice chess.The interior is without casing. The chessboard is from beech wood, and has a very special traditional flower handcarving in all 4 corners !!! This makes it so special and different ! To make it more interesting and valuable, we also made the backgammon game inside the chess. A lot of people love backgammon. Who is not soo good at chess, it is certainly great at backgammon! For even more fun, if you turn the chessbox on the other side, instead of chess, with the backgammon pieces you can play checkers or draughts! Everybody in the family can play what they like :) Basically you will have 3 games in 1 , all handmade, all from wood, directly from the producer! It is handmade, so please accept minor deviations! It can be a great gift, the prefect choose for your kid to take it to the school ,to their friends to play with it. Chess is essential for the kids and everyone's good intellectual evolution.

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