New beautiful hand spindled wooden chess pieces set,King is 3.11 inch 7.9 cm

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The price is for a set of chess piece,16 brown and 16 natural laquered wood piece(2x16 pieces).

These original handmade, hand carved chess pieces have a classical design! 

The price is without chessboard! The chesspieces are not weighted!!!

The chess figures are from hazel wood, and they are nut-brown color. They all have 2.8 cm or 1.10 inch diameter at the base. The pawn is 4.3 cm or 1.69 inch tall and the king is 7.9 cm or 3.11 inch tall. They are laquered for having a shiny, bright and smooth aspect !

This item is completely handmade, so please accept minor deviations.

It will be proud of this quality set, or the person who this as a gift, is very grateful! The people who like handcrafted, handcarved, handmade or rustic things, will know  the true value of this beautiful chess set!

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